Man Left Terrified As Massive Cruise Ship Sails Close To His $2.3 Million Home!

Imagine a nice relaxing day. You’re sitting on your stunning Florida waterfront patio and you watch as the waves crash into each other and as the water laps against the shore. Pure paradise.

Just imagine if your view suddenly became obstructed by a 1,000 ft massive ship coming towards you. It’s coming straight for you. This was the horrific experience of Bill and Yasmin Todhunter. The house party stopped came to a stop and it was all about the ship bearing down on them. The cruise ship was battling to navigate the Stranahan River’s tricky corner. The ship stopped 100 feet away from their home valued at $2.3 million!

A Port Everglades Pilot and Florida Harbor Pilots Association spokeswoman told said. “Due to the strong winds and current at the time, the cruise ship in question came closer than usual to the side of the channel. As stated by the cruise line, the vessel did not touch bottom. The use of bow thrusters in the channel disturbs the water and routinely churns up silt and mud, as shown in the video.”

The couple were left traumatised and shaken by the experience which is to be expected. Bill told TV Station WPLG-10, “When the cruise ship thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled ‘somebody is going to get fired’ and everybody on the cruise started applauding.” This goes to show you how anything can happen to you. No one would have ever thought this to be even the slightest bit of a possibility but it nearly happened.

It also begs the people in charge of manoeuvring these large vessels be properly equipped to handle all these situations, the last thing that’s needed is for people to die. It’s a hard situation to be in and it’s hard to imagine how life went on, sure they moved on but that doesn’t mean they don’t think about it ever, they will now go onto their waterfront patio and see their near-death experience.

Now imagine it, a serene beach, lounging on long-chairs with a cocktail in hand… it won’t be easy but try. The hardest part of a bad experience is moving on from it, letting go. Don’t let it consume you.

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