Viral ‘BBC Dad’ Talks About Being An Internet Sensation And It’s Hilarious!

Since it happened and the video went viral and became his family became an internet sensation Robert E. Kelly or the ‘BBC dad’ as he’s now known as has been asked many questions during the live interview.

When Dr Kelly was busy in an interview about South Korean politics via Skype his children ran into the room chaotically. Dr Kelly although he tried to keep a straight face and hoping his wife would come to the rescue he continued. He met on Wednesday with reporters to further discuss his ‘very public family blooper’ as he calls it.

“This is now the first line in my obituary,” with a room full of reporters and his family by his side Dr Kelly answered a vast majority of the reporter’s questions. Was he wearing pants? He was indeed and no he wasn’t abusing his daughter. The conference was held at the school in where he’s a political science professor. Dr Kelly believed he’d never be invited on any TV network again. “We thought it was a disaster. We thought no TV network would ever call us again.”

The video had Robert Kelly during an interview regarding the South Korean President, his daughter then burst into the room and he continued the interview whilst trying to get his daughter Marion out of the camera. His son James then walked in as well, it wasn’t long after that his wife burst into guide the kids away.

The video went viral, it’s become the subject of many comedian topics, doctored by GIF makers and watched millions of times. Dr Kelly has stated that people shouldn’t read into the situation or make accusations as to what happens in his home. “My real life punched through the fake cover I had created on television,” he said. “This is the kind of thing a lot of working parents can relate to.”

Some interpretations have gone on to abuse him of child abuse to which he responded; “I was not shoving Marion out of the way,” he said. “I was trying to slide Marion behind the chair because we have toys and books in the room” that he hoped would distract her. You’re always going to get haters but Dr Kelly hasn’t taken them too seriously. He’s happy with his life and regrets nothing.

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