Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster

Life is a pretty risky, unpredictable adventure with surprises around every corner. There are so many things that could go horribly wrong on a given day. Thankfully, when potential disaster does comes knocking, things still have a chance of ending remarkably well.  Check out these 50 images snapped moments before total catastrophe strikes.

Uh-Oh Cargo Overboard

This cargo ship came so close to toppling over. The drivers of the rescue boats don’t look too concerned. Maybe the ship was more controlled than it looks to be in the picture. Believe it or not, it didn’t flip. No one was hurt, but it made for some insane photos.  Unbelievably, only four of those large shipping containers ended up in the water.

Granny And The Gator

Grandma sure is hip in her cut-off shorts and her pink spaghetti strap shirt. Of cours, she had to stop and take a selfie where this gator happened to be bedded down. He peeked his head up to give them a photobomb they’d remember their whole lives, and decided to retreat peacefully. Grandma wasn’t harmed, neither was the gator.

Sudden Doom

The timing of this photo is absolutely perfect. It had to have been taken a literal second before this car dove nose-first into the waters below. We know what you’re wondering, and no, there was no one in the car. This car was actually dropped into the lake from the sky. Why? Maybe a mob boss hiding evidence, or just extreme boredom.

Swimming With The Whales

This whale came awfully close to realizing that humans don’t taste good. We’re all glad our ocean friend decided to stick to its diet of plankton and small crustaceans. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for these divers to play it safer from now on. Gosh, what a photo, though!

How’d He Land That?

Nigel Corner, driver in the Goodwood Revival of 1998, survived this brutal crash. In an interview with Motor Sports Magazine, he had this confession to make: “those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I’d been belted in I’d be a dead man now.” Who knew forgetting to put your safety belt on could actually save you in a crash?

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