‘It’s so scary!’ Mutant piglet with one eye and a ‘penis’ on its head shocks Chinese residents

  • A piglet with one eye and a deformed forehead was born in northern China
  • The abnormal appearance was caused by a congenital condition in the head
  • Video footage emerged showing a woman holding the lifeless piglet in hand 
The piglet was born with a congenital condition with abnormalities in its head
The piglet died just hours after birth, suffering a deformity known as cyclops syndrome

Farmers in northern China were left baffled when a sow gave birth to a weird looking piglet.
The piglet was born with one eye in the middle and a penis-like forehead.
The animal, which died shortly after birth, was suggested to be suffering cyclops syndrome.

Video has emerged online showing the cyclops piglet with no vital signs as a woman and her friends laughed.

‘This piglet scared me,’ said the woman who was holding the piglet.

She squeezed the piglet and lifted up the protruding forehead that was shaped like a penis. A single eye was revealed on the pig’s face underneath the growth.

It has only one eye and a penis-like forehead
As the woman lifted up the protruding forehead, a single eye can be seen underneath

It’s reported that the piglet died just hours after birth in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, on September 10.
Its unusual appearance was likely to be caused by a congenital condition known as holoprosencephaly, or cyclops syndrome.
Such abnormal development can also be seen on human beings.

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