The cruel moment an elderly couple strap their caged puppy to the roof of their car as they speed down a 110km/h highway for 90 minutes

  • An elderly couple have been shamed for strapping a caged puppy to a car roof
  • In photos uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, the puppy can be seen trapped
  • The car was travelling on the Bruce Highway in Queensland, speed limit 110km/h
  • Photos have drawn anger online, as the wind and noise could have hurt the dog 
  • RSPCA Queensland have since been notified of the incident  

An elderly couple have been slammed online after pictures emerged of a puppy in a cage strapped to the roof of their car.
The images were uploaded to the Australian Dashcam and CCTV Footage Facebook page on Sunday night.
Uploaded by Margie Popovic, the pictures show a silver Toyota Prado travelling southbound on the Bruce Highway in Queensland.
The speed limit for the highway is 110km/h.
Ms Popovic commented on the photos, claiming she had ‘no idea how long the dog would have suffered’, observing the poor animal’s ordeal for 90 minutes.

The car was allegedly travelling between Gin Gin and Maryborough.
Ms Popovic believed the puppy was just three to four months old.

‘I imagine terrified as it was subject to highway noise and over 100km/h wind without shelter at all….what would this do to a human?’ she wrote.

In the second photo, the mat on the floor of the cage has blown upwards, throwing the puppy into the metal sides.

‘The older couple in the car should be named and shamed!’ Ms Popovic wrote.

Other users were quick to shame the drivers and expressed concerns for the animal’s welfare.
One comment said: ‘That poor puppy, why would you not put the poor little thing inside the car?’
Another wrote: ‘Horrible for his ears! He was probably deaf after the trip!’
RSPCA Queensland have since been notified of the incident and are appealing for any information.
‘If you have any first hand information, or if you see animal cruelty and welfare concerns, report it via our 24/7 animal emergency line – 1300 ANIMAL ( 1300 264 625),’ they said.

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