Angry ex-boyfriend shot dog in head as ‘she screamed in pain’

In Phoenix, Arizona, a local resident was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly shot and stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s dog. Joshua Thomas Brickert, 25, broke into the woman’s home located near 23rd Aveneue and Beardsley Road on September 14 intending to scare his ex-girlfriend by aiming a rifle at her when she returned home from work.

According to Abc15News, Brickert planted drug paraphernalia in the house, including in the child’s bedroom to show the woman was an unfit parent. It is not known for sure what prompted him to kill the Labrador retriever named “Lexi,” but Brickert supposedly confessed to the police he shot the dog in the forehead and “she screamed in pain” as she ran away to hide. That’s when the crazed man caught up with the dog and stabbed her at least 10 times. Lexi suffered in excruciating pain for at least 45 minutes until she died; her lifeless body was found in a dumpster nearby.

Phoenix police officers responding to the call stated there was blood everywhere. In addition, Brickert dumped all of the fish food into the tank to kill the tropical fish. Initially he denied being in the area when the crimes were committed, but one week later he surrendered and confessed to the heinous deeds. Surveillance video of Brickert spotted him in the neighborhood at the time of the crime.

Rest in peace Lexi.

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