Senior Dog Who Can’t Climb Onto Bed Anymore Sleeps With Dad’s Shirt Instead

Molly has been with her family since she was just a tiny puppy, and has loved every minute of her life with them. Her humans are her best friends, and she has to be around them every second of every day — even when they’re sleeping.

When Travis Wahl moved back into his parents’ house, he was most excited to finally be back with Molly again. The pair are incredibly close, and even though Molly is almost 14 years old now, Wahl still sees her as the little puppy he got back when he was 12.

“She’s been with me just more than half of my life,” Wahl told The Dodo. “She loves watching me play guitar. Sometimes I sing her Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’ but change the words to fit her like, ‘Her name was Molly. She is a good girl … etc.’”

Growing up, Molly used to sleep in someone’s bed every single night. Now, she’s very big and very old, and getting on and off the beds is so much harder for her than it used to be. Molly is still getting used to not being able to sleep in her family’s beds every night — so instead, she now sleeps with one of Wahl’s shirts every night, so she can still feel close to him.

Molly will take any shirt she finds on the floor or somewhere nearby, and snuggle up with it for the night. She clearly likes that she can sleep with something that smells like Wahl, as if she’s still sleeping right next to him like she used to. If she can’t find a shirt, she’ll grab anything she can find, whether it’s a towel or a sock …

… dirty or clean. As long as it belongs to Wahl, she’s going to sleep with it.

“She used to sleep in any bed anyone would let her into,” Wahl said. “The last time I saw her sleep on a bed was probably July 4th, 2013. I don’t think she minds that she can’t get on my bed as long as she gets to sleep in my room every night.”

Molly may be old and unable to do the same things that she used to, but she still loves her family just as much as she did when she was a puppy, and of course, they love her right back.

“She’s like a fine wine,” Wahl said. “The older she gets the better she gets. She started off as a good girl and now she’s the best girl.”


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