Blind Rescue Opossum Was Attacked, But Witnesses Rescue Her And Make Her Part Of The Family

Georgette Renner and her husband were walking one day when they discovered Lucky.

Lucky is a blind baby Opossum whose mother was killed, leaving her orphaned and all alone. When Lucky was being attacked by Buzzards, Georgette and her husband came in to rescue the defenseless critter. After the attack, Lucky was immediately taken home with Renner to get the care she needed. “They had damaged her ear, face, back and tail severely,” Renner told The Dodo. “She was so cold my husband tried to keep her warm in his hands on the way home.”

Lucky was rushed back to their home to further assess her damage as well as get her body temperature back to normal.

Renner and her husband took her in as if it was their newborn child. They treated Lucky’s wounds, fed her baby formula, and kept her warm in blankets and placed her on a heating pad. Lucky had to be fed just like a newborn baby and she would even cry for her bottle.

On Lucky’s road to recovery, her parents realized that Lucky was permanently damaged and she navigates without sight. Due to her blindness, and her inability to survive in the wild, Renner and her husband welcomed Lucky into their home permanently. Lucky’s parents let her sniff and kiss their hands before picking up, so she knows whose hands she’s crawling into.

Lucky seems to be settled into her new home, now familiar with the sights and sounds of her house and backyard. She enjoys spending time outside the most and finding a good spot to burrow into. When she’s back inside the house, Lucky enjoys snuggling with her mom and dad.

I’m sure there are people that would’ve looked the other way if they saw buzzards teaming up on a possum in the street. Lucky is very grateful to have such a caring and loving person like Georgette who stepped in to save her!


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