Man Sees Lifeless Puppy, Performs Miracle With Plastic Bottle To Bring Him Back

Videos like this one prove that there are heroes ALL around us. Most heroes don’t ask for praise or fame. They make videos like this one to show others not to give up. A story like this one is a prime example that it’s never too late to try. Not when it comes to saving a life!

A man sees a lifeless little body floating down the river. He wasn’t sure what it was but once he got closer, he realizes the poor thing was, in fact, a puppy. And this puppy needed help fast!

The man pulls him out of the water and begins to rub his little chest and belly, hoping for a response. The puppy takes a tiny breath but it’s not enough. The heroic man continues…

Again, the puppy takes a breath but the man can tell he had to do more. He had to work on him harder if he wants to save his little precious life!

He runs into his house and asks for a plastic water bottle. His wife cuts it at the bottom so he can use it as a funnel and get more air into the puppy’s lungs. Like an oxygen mask! GENIUS!

The man places the funnel over the puppy face and begins to blow! Breath after breath, air reaches deeper. The tiny puppy responds with deeper breaths. He starts to move. OH, MY GOD, it’s working! The tiny lifeless pup transforms before the hero’s eyes!

The video footage really is incredible. We will never know how the puppy ended up in the river but we do know that there are heroes walking amongst us who will stop at nothing to try and save a life! Thank you, kind man, THANK YOU!

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