This Cat’s Owner Passed Away. Then She Refused To Leave Her Gravesite For An Entire Year

Some people say that animals don’t have emotions or understand what’s going on, but there have been many stories that prove otherwise.

This Indonesian kitty’s owner suddenly passed away, and the cat was heartbroken. She was seen rolling around and crying at her human’s gravesite for the next year. People have tried to coax her in with food, but the cat refused to leave.

One witness, Keli Keningau Prayitno, tried to adopt the sad cat, but she would keep finding a way to return to where her owner was buried. One day he noticed the cat leave the grave, so he decided to follow her. She wound up going to the house where she used to live.

Once she left the house, she went right back to her human’s plot, where she sleeps, lies down and meows. No matter how many people tried to give this sweet cat a loving home, she would not accept the offers.

“It’s very sad to see,” Keli told DailyMail. “It shows just how close animals are to their owners.”


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