‘Invisible’ Dog Lives Lonely Life On The Streets, Then Puts His Trust In Rescuers Who Give Him The Life He Never Dreamed He Could Have

People come and go, passing by every day on their way to important places, and doing important things with important people. They all have a purpose and a direction and have no time to take notice of those around them. Read More

The really porky pigs! Shocking footage emerges of mutant Hulk-like boars being genetically bred by Cambodian farmers

The company, called Duroc Cambodia, appear to have genetically modified pigs Videos of the pigs show that they are unable to walk because of their physiques Cambodian company also offer artificial insemination kits available for just £5  PETA has hit Read More

Chicken hygiene shame: Undercover probe finds raw poultry picked up off floor and food safety records altered at factory of supplier for major supermarkets

Hygiene failures exposed at the biggest supplier of chicken to UK supermarkets Undercover probe found workers altering the salughter date on food, meaning customers could be exposed to meat past its use-by date Chicken was also picked up off the Read More

Shocking video shows a ‘live cat’ being fed to a caiman by cheering locals, causing anger among pet owners who say that their animals are being stolen for the reptile

The caiman was filmed eating a live animal, said to be a cat, in Puerto Berrio Spectators cheered when the caiman killed the animal with two powerful bites Cat and dog owners said pets were stolen to feed caiman in Antioquia, Read More

The cruel moment an elderly couple strap their caged puppy to the roof of their car as they speed down a 110km/h highway for 90 minutes

An elderly couple have been shamed for strapping a caged puppy to a car roof In photos uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, the puppy can be seen trapped The car was travelling on the Bruce Highway in Queensland, speed limit Read More

‘It’s so scary!’ Mutant piglet with one eye and a ‘penis’ on its head shocks Chinese residents

A piglet with one eye and a deformed forehead was born in northern China The abnormal appearance was caused by a congenital condition in the head Video footage emerged showing a woman holding the lifeless piglet in hand  Farmers in Read More

Savage moment Bengal tigers kill a rare white tiger which wandered into their cage ‘after staff left the door open’

Two white tigers managed to find their way into adjacent cage at Indian zoo They were then attacked by larger Bengal tigers before managed to escape  But the other was badly mauled and died three days later from its injuries  Read More

‘Her bones are popping’: Ukrainian father films himself swinging his squealing four-month-old baby by one leg, claiming it is ‘what astronauts do in training’

The Ukrainian father can be seen swinging his baby daughter while she squeals  He explains at one point that ‘her bones are popping’ and adds: ‘She feels good’ As music plays in the background, he at one point balances the Read More