Mother gives birth to conjoined twins naturally and then DISCHARGES herself hours later prompting doctors to urge her to return to save her babies from dying as they still share the same umbilical cord

A woman in India quickly discharged herself within a few hours after birth Doctors were unable to tell the gender of the children without surgery They say the babies are vulnerable because they share an umbilical cord ‘They desperately need Read More

Pet owner causes an outrage after dragging his dogs along behind his car by their NECKS to ‘train them for an upcoming race’

WARNING: DISTURBING FOOTAGE  Barely Noticeable video shows two dogs being forced to keep up with a car in China  The pet owner, Mr Zhang, insisted he loves his racing dogs, aged one and two He said he was preparing the Read More

Naval nurses removed from duty after pictures of them flipping off newborn babies and ‘making them dance to rap music’ emerge online

Nurses at Naval Hospital Jacksonville caused outrage with Snapchat posts  Image shows one worker holding newborn and ‘making her dance to rap music’ Second shown flipping off baby with caption ‘how I feel about these mini Satans’ Navy says staff Read More

Restaurant owner is caught hiding eight pet dogs in his car boot after killing and stealing them to make ‘Most Unexceptional-selling’ hotpot dish

The alleged dog snatcher was chased by angry pet owners in Yichang, China He left his car and the dead dogs abandoned after escaping the scene The man later turned himself in as police tracked down his insurance plate The Read More

Mother ‘stabs her boyfriend, 31, six times with a pocketknife in a fit of rage after finding him naked on top of her 12-year-old daughter’

Police in Cleveland say mother stabbed the man five times in the chest and one time in the head, but he survived Daughter told cops the man fondled, undressed and sexually assaulted her after telling her, ‘this is what it is Read More

At least 20 people are injured in Tube terror attack as home-made bucket bomb sends ‘fireball flying down train carriage’ amid reports of ‘second device’ and attacker is on the run

Terrified commuters ran for their lives after explosion on London Underground People have fled in panic and jumped out the train doors at Parsons Green  Fireball has left several passengers on packed carriage with severe facial burns Pictures from District Read More

Teen launched school shooting spree ‘to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others’ and killed his friend who told him ‘I always knew you’d shoot up the school’

. Caleb Sharpe, 15, shot dead his friend who he claimed had been bullying him . Sharpe told police that he wanted to get revenge for being targeted at school  . He shot three other female students in the corridor Read More

Starved, scarred and left to die: Rescuers save two dogs used for FIGHTING after they were abandoned in a park

. The two neglected dogs were abandoned in Penn Pines Park in Upper Darby . Animal welfare experts thought one of the poor animals had died of the abuse . Both are making a recovery despite their terrible ordeal inflicted Read More

Pictured: Virginia woman who kept two of her children, ages 2 and 3, in ‘filthy makeshift cages’ and who ‘hissed and made animal noises’ when social services arrived to free them

  Malista Ness-Hopkins faces five counts of child abuse and neglect charges Social worker said she found two of the woman’s children in makeshift cages The children, ages 2 and 3, ‘were filthy and suffering from multiple bug bites’ The Read More